713 East Prospect Road · Fort Collins · Colorado · 80525

About The Food Truck

Ft. Foodtruck is the newest addition to the Shire fleet. The idea for the food truck stemmed from my search for restaurants to sell my produce to. There is no shortage of great restaurants in Ft. Collins that buy from local farms but I couldn’t find a chef flexible enough to cook and change their menu at a moments notice in order to feature veggies in a more spontaneous way. So now the farm has its own kitchen and is able to serve what is in my opinion the freshest produce possible, literally only minutes between the plant and the plate.

Ft. Foodtruck features a custom wood fired oven, as well as an open kitchen design, which allows customers to watch their food being prepared and further strengthens the connection to the food. Wood fired pizza seemed to be the most logical platform on which to serve an ever-changing selection of veggies. Ft. Foodtruck also serves a selection of calzones, salads, wraps, sliders, and smoothies, so there is something for everybody and every diet.

Check our schedule below or contact us to have Ft. Foodtruck cater your party or event.