713 East Prospect Road · Fort Collins · Colorado · 80525

About The Garden

The farm was built in 1909 and was the country home of a couple that lived in Old Town. The wife outlived the husband so she decided the inheritance, and since she had a very close relationship to her maid Agusta, who greatly loved the property, she left the property to her when she passed away. The maid then raised her family here and turned away everyone that wanted to buy it from her for development. I was hired in 1998 to keep the grass mowed and to irrigate the pastures. During the big snow storm of March 2003 I was asked to shovel the driveway because Agusta, who was then 99 years old, had a doctors appointment the next day. Agusta’s caretaker Wilma came out to keep me company and it was then that I heard this story. I asked what the family had planned for the property and she told me that they wanted it to be preserved and to somehow serve the community, and this got me thinking. I wrote them a letter asking if I could buy the land to build gardens and a community gathering place. They liked the idea and in 2004 after Agusta passed away, her daughter was kind enough to sell me the property. It took several years to build the gardens, the irrigation system, the greenhouses, and market, I truly believe that the land has an intention of its own and has found the people through time that would protect it and let it become what it was meant to be. Anybody that spends a certain amount of time here says they feel something special. There is really something magical taking place on this land that is bigger than all of us.