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You get to choose... will it be the red pill, or the green pill.. or the other green pill, or the other green pill. Most of the pills are green, but they will all release you from the matrix of far traveled, corporate food.

CSA pick up numero uno, tonight at 4:00pm at the trail.

Hey Shire members, Thursday is the first pick up of the season! I'll be sending out an email later today but I know I can reach about half of you here. The veggie pickup starts at 4:00 pm and we'll be there until dark. We will have spinach, arugula, boc choi, lettuce, kale, chard, and fresh herbs. You can also choose to take home starter plants if you're growing your own garden. Don't forget you can freeze spinach for long term storage.. what I'm saying is it's a good time to stock up on spinach.

The FT will be serving a limited edition spring pizza this weekend!
Crispy sourdough, piled high with the first cutting of spinach, topped with feta, snow pea shoots, and crunchy asparagus... harvest your own toppings if you like. We also have some baby arugula that is so succulent.
Saturday 7:00pm till 10:00pm
Sunday 12:00noon depending on availability.

Rocking beautiful asparagus from the shire farms for your rib eyes and grilled veggies!

I'd open the food truck but the ingredients are still growing.. Interested in what's planned for this little choi? Three weeks and counting, then we all eat Fresh.