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Bright orange carrots make for a beautiful soup, but who wants a hot bowl on such hot days? That is the beauty of a chilled soup- easy to eat, simple to make, and very refreshing.

Rainbow is the variety of chard pictured here. Swiss chard contains high amounts of vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin C, magnesium, manganese, potassium, iron, vitamin E, and dietary fiber. The stalks have various colors because they contain various phytonutrients- micronutrients which promote health. Chard is one of many foods which contain antioxidants, which fight cancer causing free radicals in the body.

I’m typically a very “seat of my pants” cook, so it is especially challenging for me to keep track of ingredients for a recipe. Fortunately, some foods simply require a general technique, and aren’t to fussy about exact ingredients. A quesadilla is one of those foods. This particular quesadilla came about from the need to use up a bunch of mushrooms before heading out of town to go camping for the weekend. I brought several with me, and they were delicious as a cold snack right out of the cooler. They were even better the next day warmed up over the coals of the fire. Since the recipe is so loose, you can feel free to add whatever it is that you happen to have in the fridge.
Quesadillas with Swiss Cheese, Chard,Mushrooms and Herbs

Kohlrabi is a member of the brassica family, so it is related to cabbage, broccoli and Brussels sprouts. As a result, the root has a mild flavor reminiscent of cabbage or a broccoli stem.

To use kohlrabi, cut the leaves off right at the bulb. If eating raw, you will most likely want to remove the tough outer layer of skin from the bulb. If cooking, the skin may be left on. The leaves may also be eaten and could be used in ways similar to kale.

Ingredients and Preparation

Bunch of beet greens

Olive oil

Chop beet greens and stems into short pieces. Heat olive oil over medium high heat, and sautee the greens and stems until tender. Season with salt and pepper and set aside.

green onions- white parts, chopped

6 eggs

Though summer tomatoes, in my opinion, are best straight off the vine with no preparation, this is another great way to let them shine. This crust is very simple to make, and is a nice balance between a buttery pie crust and a doughy pizza crust. The cornmeal gives it a nice substantial texture, and the basil and feta add freshness and saltiness. I love this served with a simple greens salad, or with a fried over easy egg on top.

Delicata is a winter squash, with a flavor similar to butternut squash or even sweet potatoes. The great benefit of delicata over butternut squash is that the skin becomes tender when baked and therefore does not need to be removed. Personally, I love butternut squash, but am always a little concerned about personal injury while I am trying to hack off the tough outer rind.

With distilleries becoming almost as common as breweries in Colorado, it really is possible to have a local cocktail! Here are some thoughts for CSA Cocktails:

Basil Lemonade: Muddle basil leaves, add ice, gin or vodka, and lemonade. Shake and sip.

The zucchini, squash, peppers, tomatoes and artichokes are all great candidates for a stuffed vegetable.

The basic formula for a stuffed vegetable is to hollow out the veggie, mix a filling of your choice of ingredients, stuff the veggie with the filling and bake until the vegetable is tender enough to cut and the filling has been fully cooked. The safest method is to have the filling pre-cooked, especially if it contains raw meat.

Caprese Salad, Caprese Sandwich, Caprese Pizza… Caprese Anything

There is nothing better, in my opinion, than an heirloom tomato. The pretty much ruin me for supermarket tomatoes, and for good reason. They are bursting (sometimes quite literally) with flavor, and are dense and meaty with tomato-y flesh. Whenever I have one in hand, I can’t even imagine applying any heat to it, for fear of losing any of its precious taste. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of ways to enjoy this delicacy without any cooking whatsoever.


9 cups fresh spinach

2 Tbsp olive oil

3/4 cup water

crushed red pepper

salt and pepper to taste

3 tortillas, slices of toast, or toasted English muffins

~1/2 cup shredded or shaved Parmesan or Swiss cheese

6 eggs

A cold noodle salad is perfect for a hot summer day. This recipe can be made ahead of time and refrigerated, which allows the flavors to permeate the noodles and mizuna leaves. Better yet, you can just boil extra noodles while making spaghetti then save the extra pasta for this dish.

Recipe adapted from Dani Spies

It was great seeing so many members on Thursday (June 3) and it was even better sharing the first sample of the season. The following recipe is how I made the dish, but it really is just a jumping off point for your own creativity… or simply another way to use whatever you happen have in your pantry to supplement your produce share.


Recipe inspired by the blog Sprouted Kitchen

The colors of rainbow chard are so vibrant and look beautiful in the garden and on your dinner plate. This recipe is quick and easy and is my favorite way to prepare chard. The red pepper flakes can be omitted if you don’t like spicy food, and the chard will taste just as good.
Recipe from Cooking Light Magazine

Arugula is spicy and flavorfull, making it a great base for this vibrant green dressing.

Crisp coleslaw is the perfect summer side dish, and radishes give it a slightly spicy kick. Try it on a BBQ sandwich!

Pesto has an endless variety of uses, such as:

-sandwich spread

-pizza sauce


-pasta sauce

Spinach 1 lb.

Cilantro 1 big handful

Plain Yogurt 1 cup

Chop cilantro and mix into yogurt. Wash spinach and pour on the yogurt dressing.

Cilantro and spinach are ready so early in the spring that these flavors are often times my first of the season.

The yogurt and cilantro complement each others’ pungency