$500 Small Share

$500 Small Share


A typical small weekly share in spring will start with around 5 items/bunches selected from spinach, peas, lettuce, asian greens, kale, chard, herbs, etc.  We will start to harvest other items around the third week including beans and summer squash, and will increase in variety from there until we finish in October.  

To compare this to pounds; a bunch of tomatoes is around 3 pounds, a bunch of peppers is around 2 pounds, a head of lettuce is around 1 pound, watermelons weigh about 5 lbs. So 8 items/bunches is going to weigh around 10-15 lbs, averaging $2/lb.  Families of 3-4 that cook a lot will find the small share takes care of their produce needs.

** Avoid $30 online processing fee, mail or deliver payment to:

Shire CSA
713 E Prospect Rd
Ft Collins, CO 80525

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